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  • The Control-IQ artificial pancreas system was derived from research done at the Center for Diabetes Technology here at UVA. Image credit: Tandem Diabetes Care

    The FDA has Approved the Artificial Pancreas!

    The artificial pancreas automatically regulates blood sugar for people with type 1 diabetes, freeing them from the need to stick their fingers multiple times each day.

  • Claudia Rival (from left), Kodi Ravichandran and Jeffrey Lysiak have shed new light on fertilization.

    You’d Think We’d Have Figured Out Fertilization …

    A surprising discovery about fertilization recasts the role of the egg, could help couples struggling with infertility and could open the door for a new male contraceptive.

  • People test out Ziv Haskal's new virtual reality experience.

    Using Virtual Reality to Make New Treatments Real Reality

    Our Ziv Haskal, MD, is using virtual reality to make the latest medical advances available to patients more quickly.

  • What a Memory Looks Like Inside Your Brain

    The NIH Director’s Blog has a fascinating post show what a memory looks like stored inside the brain. I’ll give you a link and tell you a little about the NIH director’s connection to UVA.