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  • Greg Medlock, joined by the other members of Sean Moore's lab, seeks to efficiently stack containers inside a box, much like his microbiome work aims to grow bacteria efficiently in a fixed space.

    Microbe ‘Microbreweries’ to Improve Our Health

    Everyone knows about microbreweries that create craft beer. But what about microbreweries to improve our health? One of our young scientists is making it possible.

  • UVA's Center for Applied Biomechanics studies car safety and other topics.

    Women More Likely to Suffer Injuries in Car Crashes

    While cars have become safer over the last 10 years, women who are buckled up are significantly more likely to suffer injury than men.

  • Holly Davis coordinates multi-site clinical trials for UVA.

    Overseeing Multi-Center Clinical Trials

    I’d like to introduce you to Holly Davis, the UVA employee I’ve known the longest. That’s because she’s my cousin. We grew up like brother and sister in far Southwest Virginia, and we have the accent to prove it.

  • José Oberholzer, MD, is seeking a cure for diabetes and is willing to put in the necessary legwork.

    Doing the Leg Work Needed to End Diabetes

    Our José Oberholzer, MD, is not only researching a cure to diabetes, he’s run more than 25 marathons to make it happen. He also speaks four languages, holds three patents and has nearly doubled the number of organ transplants we do here at UVA. Read about his amazing work in a great piece by Caroline […]