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  • Holly Davis coordinates multi-site clinical trials for UVA.

    Overseeing Multi-Center Clinical Trials

    I’d like to introduce you to Holly Davis, the UVA employee I’ve known the longest. That’s because she’s my cousin. We grew up like brother and sister in far Southwest Virginia, and we have the accent to prove it.

  • José Oberholzer, MD, is seeking a cure for diabetes and is willing to put in the necessary legwork.

    Doing the Leg Work Needed to End Diabetes

    Our José Oberholzer, MD, is not only researching a cure to diabetes, he’s run more than 25 marathons to make it happen. He also speaks four languages, holds three patents and has nearly doubled the number of organ transplants we do here at UVA. Read about his amazing work in a great piece by Caroline […]

  • How Artificial Intelligence is Speeding Up Disease Diagnosis

    A collaboration between folks at the School of Medicine and UVA’s School of Engineering is using a form of artificial intelligence to better diagnose and treat gut diseases that can cause lifelong problems for impoverished children.

  • Melanie Rutkowski, PhD, found that an unhealthy, inflamed gut promoted the spread of hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

    An Unhealthy Microbiome Promotes the Spread of Breast Cancer

    Fascinating new research from our Melanie Rutkowski, PhD, suggests that an unhealthy gut microbiome promotes the spread of breast cancer.