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  • Our Ryan White Clinic has increased access to mental healthcare for people living with HIV.

    How We Improved HIV Care

    A new study found that our efforts to enhance access to mental health services has improved outcomes among vulnerable patients with HIV. Here’s what we did.

  • UVA's Edward H. Egelman, PhD, has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest honors a scientist can receive.

    One of Science’s Highest Honors

    Congratulations to our Edward H. Egelman, PhD, on his election to the National Academy of Sciences, one of the greatest honors a scientist can receive.

  • Babies should sleep in a crib or bassinet, not an adult bed, that is free of soft bedding and toys.

    Soft Bedding: Deadly for Babies

    Soft bedding was responsible for almost 70% of deaths among babies who died from sleep-related suffocation between 2011 and 2014, a new study from our Dr. Fern Hauck reveals.

  • Francine Garrett-Bakelman, MD, PhD, has been involved in the NASA twins project.

    Over the Moon: A UVA Physician-Scientist Reflects on Her Work With NASA

    Can mankind tolerate walking among the stars? The answer was to be found in little red tubes entrusted to Francine Garrett-Bakelman.