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  • People test out Ziv Haskal's new virtual reality experience.

    Using Virtual Reality to Make New Treatments Real Reality

    Our Ziv Haskal, MD, is using virtual reality to make the latest medical advances available to patients more quickly.

  • What a Memory Looks Like Inside Your Brain

    The NIH Director’s Blog has a fascinating post show what a memory looks like stored inside the brain. I’ll give you a link and tell you a little about the NIH director’s connection to UVA.

  • This image depicts salt spilled to spell out UVA

    Interesting Video on Salt Sensitivity With Our Robin Felder

    Believe it or not, some people actually need more salt than they eat.

  • Jennifer Burnsed, MD, is a neonatologist at UVA Children's. She is seeking to better understand the effects of hypoxia-ischemia in babies' brains.

    Treating Babies Suffering Seizures Gave This Doc a Special Mission

    Dr. Jennifer Burnsed is seeking to understand how the seizures affect the brain, and why they can lead to behavioral and learning problems years down the line.