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  • Brad Gelfand, PhD, has given us new insights into age-related macular degeneration.

    A Potential Way to Halt Both Forms of Blinding Macular Degeneration

    A new discovery could lead to the first treatment for “dry” age-related macular degeneration. It could also lead to better treatments for the “wet” form.

  • An abstract image suggesting medical research

    HIV App Creators Honored as Innovators of the Year

    Nearly 600 people in Virginia are using the app, called PositiveLinks. It offers a potent mix of engagement, social interaction and access to care providers.

  • Bill Petri

    Coronavirus: Dr. Bill Petri Sorts Facts From Fearmongering

    You’ve seen scary stories about coronavirus in the news. Here’s a link to some perspective from a top infectious disease expert.

  • The Control-IQ artificial pancreas system was derived from research done at the Center for Diabetes Technology here at UVA. Image credit: Tandem Diabetes Care

    The FDA has Approved the Artificial Pancreas!

    The artificial pancreas automatically regulates blood sugar for people with type 1 diabetes, freeing them from the need to stick their fingers multiple times each day.