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The Red Meat Allergy and Beyond: In-Depth With Thomas Platts-Mills

February 14, 2019

Our Thomas Platts-Mills discovered that tick bites can cause people to become allergic to red meat, a story that has fascinated people around the world. But that’s just one of his many accomplishments. UVA Today recently ran a very… Read More

Lee Ritterband: Innovator of the Year

February 11, 2019

Our Lee Ritterband, who created the anti-insomnia program SHUTi, has been named 2019’s Innovator of the Year by UVA’s Licensing & Ventures Group.

Known formally as the Edlich-Henderson Innovator of the Year award, the accolade recognizes research that is is… Read More

Ensuring the Integrity of Collaborative Research

January 30, 2019

Scientific research is an increasingly collaborative effort. Research these days is often not the work of one lab, one department or even one university but many institutions coming together to combine their expertise and resources. So when there are… Read More

One of 2018’s Most Promising Medical Advances

January 12, 2019

Another wonderful recognition of Jonathan Kipnis’ latest work: The National Institutes of Health has named his discovery about the role of the brain’s cleaning system in aging and Alzheimer’s disease one of 2018’s most promising medical advances.

The finding from… Read More