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  • Kevin Pelphrey, PhD, of UVA's Department of Neurology, is a preeminent autism researcher.

    Better Understanding Autism in Girls

    Why are four times more boys diagnosed with autism-spectrum disorders than girls? Our Kevin Pelphrey, an internationally recognized autism exert, is leading an ambitious effort to find out, and he hopes the findings will lead to better interventions for both girls and boys.

  • Fern Hauck, MD, is one of the nation's top SIDS researchers.

    SIDS: A Q&A With a Top Expert

    “Parents should be informed about this and read up on [the] guidelines before they have their babies so they can be prepared to get cribs and other items they need. The main message is know the risks, know what you can do to reduce those risks and plan ahead.”

  • UVA neurologist Karen Johnston, MD, led the multi-site SHINE stroke trial that will inform how ischemic stroke is treated.

    The Results of the Landmark SHINE Stroke Study

    The finding of a major study led by UVA will affect how doctors treat ischemic strokes, which make up 87% of all strokes.

  • Greg Medlock, joined by the other members of Sean Moore's lab, seeks to efficiently stack containers inside a box, much like his microbiome work aims to grow bacteria efficiently in a fixed space.

    Microbe ‘Microbreweries’ to Improve Our Health

    Everyone knows about microbreweries that create craft beer. But what about microbreweries to improve our health? One of our young scientists is making it possible.