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  • The Control-IQ artificial pancreas system was derived from research done at the Center for Diabetes Technology here at UVA. Image credit: Tandem Diabetes Care

    Artificial Pancreas Now Available for Kids 6-13

    The FDA has approved the artificial pancreas for children 6-13 after a new study found that it significantly improved blood sugar control in kids both day and night.

  • Improving Care for Coma

    When you have a loved one in a coma, it is agony hoping that they wake up and that they emerge as they were. The uncertainty, the unanswered questions, the stress … and all you can do is wait.

  • Good News on the COVID-19 Vaccine Effort

    Here’s a link to a great article outlining nine reasons for optimism that we’ll have a COVID-19 vaccine by next year.

  • When Is It Safe for Young Athletes to Play After COVID-19?

    As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, COVID-19 can cause significant heart problems in adults. But what about kids and teens?