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The Making of Medicine

Author: chopkins

The Biggest Stories of the Last Five Years

I’ve been covering medical discoveries at UVA for about five years now. The two stories that have hit the biggest in the media have been focused ultrasound, which I told you about here, and Jonathan Kipnis’ discovery of a previously unknown connection between the brain and immune system. You’d think…

The Crystal Palace

Early on in this gig, I was asked to write a release about crystallography. This was a challenge, because I had no idea what crystallography was. I replied that you don’t see stories about crystallography in the mainstream press, which is true. But it’s also a shame, because, it turns…

Jeff Elias, MD, pioneered the use of focused ultrasound for treating the most common movement disorder.
How a Pen Cap Could Kill You

If you look at photographs of our Dr. Jeff Elias and the focused ultrasound equipment, you’ll notice the images tend to be fairly similar. That’s because they have to be taken from outside the room where the equipment is located. The ultrasound is guided by magnetic resonance imagery, and that…

How to Find 
Clinical Trials

People often write me asking about clinical trials, the testing grounds for new treatments. They’ll have read about a discovery and want to know if it’s made its way into human testing. A lot of the time, unfortunately, that isn’t the case, because of the slow and methodical nature of…

Meet Joe Larner

This is Joe Larner. He thought he had made a major breakthrough on Alzheimer’s. He died before he could find out. Dr. Larner was an eminent scientist and longtime fixture at the School of Medicine who influenced generations of researchers, including two future Nobel winners he recruited to UVA. I…

Warning, Warning, Will 

It strikes me that I should state, for the record, that the opinions on this blog are mine and mine alone and in no way represent the official views of my employer, the University of Virginia Health System, or the University of Virginia School of Medicine (which contributes to my…