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The Making of Medicine

Tag: Center for Engineering in Medicine

Life-sized, 3D skulls like this one are helping our plastic surgeons provide better patient care and better training for their students.
By Printing Skulls, We’re Improving Lives

Skulls may be a symbol of death, but we're using them to make a better life for some of our youngest patients. Dr. Jonathan Black, one of our plastic surgeons, is using life-sized, 3D-printed skulls to¬† prepare for surgery on tiny babies born with skull deformities. His youngest patient was…

Key players in our Center for Engineering in Medicine: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes, professor of Biomedical Engineering and Medicine; Julie Ann Radlinski, senior research program officer; and Dr. Mark Sochor, vice chairman for research, Emergency Medicine, and medical director of the Center for Applied Biomechanics.
Meet Our Center for Engineering in Medicine

The physical proximity of the School of Medicine to UVA's School of Engineering is a tremendous asset for us, especially as the overlap between medicine and engineering grows by the year. (For example, I've already told you about our Duchenne muscular dystrophy project.) To capitalize on that proximity -- and…