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The Making of Medicine

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An abstract image suggesting medical research
Considering a Clinical Trial?

We're always excited when our medical research makes it to the clinical trials phase. That's because it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get there. It may take many years of lab work -- decades, even -- before we're confident enough to proceed into human testing. This also explains,…

Jeffrey Elias, MD, stands in front of an MRI.
Focused Ultrasound for Parkinson’s Tremor

A few years ago, our Dr. Jeff Elias conducted the first test of focused ultrasound for the treatment of the most common movement disorder, a condition called essential tremor. A trial participant went into an MRI machine with a hand that shook so violently he couldn't feed himself cereal. When…

Dan Cox, PhD, is testing a new approach to managing type 2 diabetes, one that doesn't require counting calories.
Managing Diabetes Without Dieting

If you develop type 2 diabetes, you're likely to be told to lose weight. That's the usual prescription, because losing those extra pounds can improve insulin sensitivity. But for some folks, including our Dan Cox, PhD, that can seem impossible. Dr. Cox knew it wasn't going to happen for him,…

A closeup of a microscope slide
How to Find 
Clinical Trials

People often write me asking about clinical trials, the testing grounds for new treatments. They’ll have read about a discovery and want to know if it’s made its way into human testing. A lot of the time, unfortunately, that isn’t the case, because of the slow and methodical nature of…