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The Making of Medicine

Tag: drug development

Headshot of Wladek Minor
Making Better, Safer Medicines

A surprise finding from our Wladek Minor should improve the process of drug development and help prevent harmful drug interactions.

Kimberly Kelly sits at a lab bench.
Big Backing for a Promising Cancer Drug

A promising cancer drug that's being developed based on a discovery by our Kimberly Kelly, PhD, is attracting major interest -- to the tune of $25 million.

Frederick G. Hayden, MD, examined the effectiveness of a new anti-flu drug, baloxavir marboxil, also known as Xofluza.
The First New Flu Drug in 20 Years

The federal Food and Drug Administration has approved a new single-dose drug, baloxavir marboxil, that can shorten the duration of the flu. It's the first new drug of its type in 20 years. Our Frederick G. Hayden, MD, and his colleagues found that the drug, developed by pharma company Shinogi,…

J. Julius Zhu, PhD, of UVA's Department of Pharmacology..
Making Medicines Without Side Effects

Our J. Julius Zhu, PhD, and his colleagues have found a way to create drugs without side effects. Basically, they've developed a lab technique that will add a whole new layer of precision to the concept of "precision medicine." The technique is built on their discovery that the same molecule…