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Victor Laubach is working to transform lung transplantation
Meet Victor Laubach, Lung Transplant Researcher

My colleagues over at Healthy Balance, the UVA Health System's blog, have done a nice interview with our Victor Laubach, PhD. Dr. Laubach is doing some tremendously cool work that could one day let us rehabilitate unusable lungs -- currently, pretty much all lungs from donors who die outside a…

video post
Watch These Lungs ‘Breathe’ Outside the Body

[caption id="attachment_305" align="alignright" width="150"] Dr. Laubach[/caption] Here you can see pig lungs being ventilated on a device called "ex vivo lung perfusion." EVLP, as it's commonly known, is used to assess human lungs prior to transplant. We're lucky to be one of the places in the country that can offer…