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More than 700,000 Americans have heart attacks each year.
A Little-Appreciated Risk for Heart Attacks and Stroke
January 30, 2018

Fascinating article in the New York Times today about a significant risk factor for heart attacks and strokes that doctors are only now beginning to appreciate. For a long time, doctors have been baffled by the large number of apparently healthy people, people without risk factors such as smoking or…

UVA researchers are conducting important cross-disciplinary research that will shed light on the brain and diseases that affect it.
Brain Institute Backs Big Ideas
January 29, 2018

The latest projects funded by UVA's Brain Institute are tackling some tremendously important topics, from brain cancer to sports concussions to dyslexia. The institute just awarded its second round of grants, totalling $880,000, to interdisciplinary teams of researchers across the university, including several folks at the School of Medicine. Our…

Nurse practitioner Elizabeth Conde Alvarez is interviewed by Victoria Wreslio of NBC 29.
Helping Heal Puerto Rico
January 11, 2018

One of our nurse practitioners, Elizabeth Conde Alvarez, can tell you about both the tremendous devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the tremendous kindness of people there, even as they try to survive amid terrible conditions. She recalled how one person graciously offered her juice even though…

Victor Laubach is working to transform lung transplantation
Meet Victor Laubach, Lung Transplant Researcher
January 5, 2018

My colleagues over at Healthy Balance, the UVA Health System's blog, have done a nice interview with our Victor Laubach, PhD. Dr. Laubach is doing some tremendously cool work that could one day let us rehabilitate unusable lungs -- currently, pretty much all lungs from donors who die outside a…

Dr. Robert Sinkin, dressed as Santa, makes his annual visit to the NICU.
The Secret Origin of Santa Claus
December 15, 2017

Turns out he's Jewish. Our Santa, anyway. Even though he doesn't celebrate Christmas, our Dr. Robert Sinkin has donned the jolly red suit each year for the last 12 years to bring a little happiness to families that could definitely use some. UVA Today has done a tremendously charming piece…

video post Esteemed School of Medicine alumna Vivian Pinn, MD, is interviewed by a TV reporter.
Honoring Vivian Pinn, MD, Class of ’67
September 16, 2017

We dedicated one of our research buildings in honor of Vivian Pinn, MD, last week, and it was a lovely event. Dr. Pinn was on hand, surrounded by friends, colleagues and former students, and she was almost moved to tears more than once during the course of the day. It…