Raiders of the Lost Ark

October 21, 2016

Deep in the bowels of UVA’s Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is a treasure trove of medical history. In a secure facility on the very bottom floor are stored all sorts of astounding relics, from a lancet owned… Read More

How to Find 
Clinical Trials

August 2, 2016

People often write me asking about clinical trials, the testing grounds for new treatments. They’ll have read about a discovery and want to know if it’s made its way into human testing. A lot of the time, unfortunately, that… Read More

Healthy Balance

November 15, 2016

One of the things my department does is try to make it easy for folks to find information about the UVA Health System online. That’s quite a challenge, considering the tremendous volume of information and the huge number… Read More

A Tribute to a Pioneer in Telemedicine

May 23, 2016

Karen Rheuban, MD, has done amazing work in expanding the use of telemedicine across Virginia and beyond. Her efforts have allowed patients to receive care they could never have received otherwise and enabled our doctors to extend their expertise… Read More