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The Making of Medicine

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Top Dollar for Top Talent

Kodi Ravichandran, PhD, has been awarded more than $8 million from the Belgian government in its efforts to attract the world's top scientific talent. He'll set up a second lab at Ghent University‚Äôs Vlaams Institute for Biotechnology even as he continues to operate his lab here at UVA. Dr. Ravichandran…

Don’t Miss This Great Read

One of our pathology folks went to great lengths to track down potentially exculpatory evidence from a murder 47 years ago. That evidence may show if Sherman Brown, now 69, has been wrongly imprisoned for a killing he didn't commit. I'm told that UVA is required to keep such evidence…

UVA School of Medicine
New Research Partnership (and Satellite Campus!)

Big news: The School of Medicine will open a satellite campus in Northern Virginia as part of a major research partnership with Inova Health System, officials announced today. UVA and Inova plan to collaborate on research, medical education and the recruitment of top-tier researchers, scientists and investigators. The new campus…

Jeff Elias, MD, pioneered the use of focused ultrasound for treating the most common movement disorder.
Focused Ultrasound: A Big Day for UVA (and Medicine)

The federal Food and Drug Administration has approved focused ultrasound for the treatment of essential tremor, the most common movement disorder. This is a very big day for UVA, as our Dr. Jeff Elias shepherded the international clinical trial that led to the device's approval. Using this approach, doctors can…

A Tribute to a Pioneer in Telemedicine

Karen Rheuban, MD, has done amazing work in expanding the use of telemedicine across Virginia and beyond. Her efforts have allowed patients to receive care they could never have received otherwise and enabled our doctors to extend their expertise far beyond Charlottesville. In recognition of her many years of good…