Artificial Pancreas Now Available for Kids 6-13

September 7, 2020 The FDA has approved the artificial pancreas for children 6-13 after a new study found that it significantly improved their blood sugar control both day and night.

When Is It Safe for Young Athletes to Play After COVID-19?

August 14, 2020 As I’m sure you’ve seen in the news, COVID-19 can cause significant heart problems in adults. But what about kids and teens?

Treating Babies Suffering Seizures Gave This Doc a Special Mission

November 19, 2019 Dr. Jennifer Burnsed is seeking to understand how the seizures affect the brain, and why they can lead to behavioral and learning problems years down the line.

When Misused, Car Seats Can be Dangerous, Even Deadly

May 24, 2019 Everyone knows how important car seats are when children are traveling, but a new review of infant deaths underscores the importance of using them as instructed and only as intended.