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Can This Investigational Drug Improve Stroke Outcomes?

UVA is launching a clinical trial with local emergency service providers to determine whether an investigational new drug, trans sodium crocetinate (TSC), can improve patient outcomes when administered at the first signs of a stroke.

Bradford Worrall, MD, is advancing our understanding of stroke.
News on Stroke, From Down Under

Our Bradford Worrall, MD, is making headlines without even being in the country. He was part of a major effort that has identified 22 new  genetic risk factors for stroke, tripling the number of gene regions known to affect your stroke risk. The researchers are hailing it as the largest…

More than 700,000 Americans have heart attacks each year.
A Little-Appreciated Risk for Heart Attacks and Stroke

Fascinating article in the New York Times today about a significant risk factor for heart attacks and strokes that doctors are only now beginning to appreciate. For a long time, doctors have been baffled by the large number of apparently healthy people, people without risk factors such as smoking or…

Bradford Worrall, MD, is advancing our understanding of stroke.
A Fulbright to Light the Way to Better Stroke Care

Congratulations to our Bradford Worrall, MD, for receiving a prestigious Fulbright American Distinguished Chair Award for 2017. The award will let Dr. Worrall, a neurologist, work at the University of Newcastle in Australia to improve the stroke tools available to doctors and researchers. “The essential question is, 'What kind of…