An Important Video About Sudden Infant Death

November 10, 2017

We did a Facebook Live video chat about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome yesterday, and I thought Dr. Hauck and Dr. Moon were tremendous. They shared a lot of great information, and I was particularly interested in their discussion of… Read More

Here’s a Chance to Talk to Our Experts About SIDS

November 7, 2017

We’ve had tremendous public interest in the topic of my last post, a new study from Dr. Fern Hauck and Dr. Rachel Moon suggesting that breastfeeding for at least two months reduces a baby’s risk of dying from SIDS… Read More

How to Cut the Risk of SIDS by Half

November 1, 2017

What’s the answer? Breastfeed for at least two months. That’s according to an important new international study from our Dr. Fern Hauck, Dr. Rachel Moon and Kawai Tanabe, MPH (and their colleagues).

Prior studies suggested that breastfeeding was associated with… Read More