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UVA’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic(s) and Research

Here’s a short video on our multiple sclerosis clinic and research program. It’s just a quick dive and doesn’t really tackle the breadth of the research we have under way, but it will let you meet some of the folks who are doing this important work.

One notable detail: We’re a rare place that offers both an adult and pediatric MS clinic. You’ll meet the fellow who heads up our pediatric program, Dr. J. Nicholas Brenton. We had the opportunity to watch both him and Dr. Myla Goldman, who heads our adult clinic, interact with patients, and it was wonderful to see. You’ll get a glimpse of that in the video.

We made this for UVA President Teresa A. Sullivan to show when she was honored recently by the local Multiple Sclerosis Society. While the award was for her, she felt the focus should be on our doctors and researchers — a kind gesture that gave us a nice opportunity to showcase some great work by good folks.

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