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The Making of Medicine

@Justsaysinmice Just Says, ‘IN MICE’

There's a new Twitter account grabbing eyeballs even though it says very little. The account is @justsaysinmice, and it just tweets, "IN MICE." Why? To point out news stories that focus on the potential -- key word potential -- human implications of research studies done in mice.

Mouse work is an important step in scientific and medical research, but mouse findings, as I've noted here before, don't always hold true in humans. When reading stories and news releases about such research, it's important to bear that mind. This sort of work is a promising lead, a useful indicator, but not a final ajudication. When you see "in mice," that means, "More work needs to be done to verify this is also the case in people."

@justsaysinmice is a good reminder of that, and a fun way to do it.

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