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The Making of Medicine

Retreating to Make Advances

The School of Medicine brought together its scientists from across the entire spectrum of its research enterprise over the weekend. The goal was for them to share their discoveries, foster collaboration and launch relationships that will lead to exciting advances in the future.

It was amazing to see so much amazing work gathered in one place. There were talks about focused ultrasound, advanced imaging, telemedicine and much, much more.

In one, a top stroke researcher mentioned that she expected there will be implants within a decade that can give early warning that a patient is having a stroke. Early diagnosis of a stroke is vitally important, considering that “time is brain,” as the saying goes. The faster a patient gets treatment, the better the outcome. Our telemedicine efforts are already making a big difference in that regard.

Much of the discussion featured research I’ve told you about here. But there’s some really exciting work coming down the pike. Stay tuned!

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