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Meet Our Mask-Sanitizing Robot

Say hello to Tru-D, our new robot that is doing yeoman’s work sanitizing personal protective equipment so that it can be reused.

Tru-D uses ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UV) or UV light vectors to disinfect both porous and non-porous surfaces — all without the need for toxic chemicals. For example, Tru-D can disinfect up to 6,000 N-95 masks each day. I’m  sure you’ve heard about the nation-wide shortages of PPE, so Tru-D is a welcome addition to the staff.

“The safety of our patients and team members is, and always will be, our highest priority,” said Carlene Muto, MD, assistant professor of infectious diseases and international health. “That said, we have been pushed to a place where merely purchasing the best products is no longer an option. There are none to purchase.”

Dr. Muto explained how Tru-D does what Tru-D does: “The robot uses size and density sensors to calibrate the exact dose of energy necessary to disinfect the entire room. Light is emitted, then reflected back so all surfaces receive the required energy. This ensures ‘Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection (Tru-D)’ of all surfaces, including shadowed or hidden areas. Use of reflective surfaces increases the efficiency of the device, so the room was painted with reflective paint.”

Amazing, huh? Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!

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