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COVID-19 Therapies We’re Testing

I was thinking of doing a roundup of COVID-19 treatments we're testing as we enter the final weeks of the year, but UVA Today has saved me the typing. One of their writers, Caroline Newman, talked to our Dr. Linda Duska, the School of Medicine's associate dean for clinical research; Dr. Kyle Enfield, who has been instrumental in coordinating our COVID-19 clinical trials; and Miranda West, the clinical research manager for emergency medicine.

One notable comment from Dr. Duska: "We are seeing clinical research happen at a speed that has never been seen before, both for drug therapies and vaccine development.” I can vouch for that -- there's amazing work happening here, and elsewhere, as scientists work as quickly as possible to put an end to the pandemic.

Caroline provides a nice breakdown of four different COVID-19 clinical trials under way at UVA Health. Check out her article here.

As an academic health system, we're fortunate to be able to provide access to these trials for our patients.

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