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The Making of Medicine

We Made It Into Round 2 of STAT Madness

Good news: We've made it into round 2 of STAT Madness, a competition to identify last year's biggest biomedical advance!

We got 64% of the vote -- your votes -- in our first round matchup with a melanoma discovery from The Rockefeller University. Now we've moved on to the second round, where we face Massachusetts General Hospital.

Our contender this year is a discovery from Hui Li, PhD. He identified the oncogene responsible for glioblastoma, one of the most deadly forms of cancer. The finding opens the door to new treatments for an aggressive brain cancer that is often fatal within less than 12 months of diagnosis.

The public will decide the winner, so your vote matters. Round 2 ends Sunday, and you can vote every day by visiting the STAT Madness bracket. Please do!

Go Hoos!

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