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STAT Madness: The Outcome

Despite an amazing showing that took us all the way to the Final Four, we didn't make it to the final round of STAT Madness. It ended up being a face-off between Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, which developed a gene-editing technique they say might treat or cure herpes, and a team from MIT and Brigham and Women’s Hospital that developed a polymer coating for the intestines that might help treat diabetes and assist with drug delivery.

In the end, both were declared the winner. The STAT folks ended voting early because of suspicious voting patterns. (I don't have any more details on that.)

While our glioblastoma discovery didn't make it all the way, we are deeply grateful for all the public support. It's very rewarding for our folks to see all the interest and excitement. Sometimes great discoveries don't get the attention they deserve, and I'm happy this one did.

Our real goal, of course, is to develop Professor Hui Li's discovery into a treatment that will benefit patients with glioblastoma. But an encouraging pat on the back along the way is always nice.

Thanks again to everyone who voted. Hope to see you in STAT Madness next year.

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