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The Making of Medicine

UVA Celebrates Faculty Research Excellence

Congratulations to the School of Medicine and School of Nursing researchers honored in this year's Research Achievement Awards, presented by the office of UVA's vice president for research. The health system was well represented in the university-wide awards, with Stephen S. Rich and Jie Sun from the School of Medicine honored with the Distinguished Researcher Award. The SoM's Sana Syed, meanwhile, received the Distinguished Mentor Award, and the School of Nursing's Katrina J. Debnam received the Research Excellence Award.

The recipients of the Research Collaboration Award:

Systems Analysis of Stress-adapted Cancer Organelles (SASCO) Center (a collaboration of the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering)

  • Kristen A. Atkins
  • Todd W. Bauer
  • Andrea H. Denton
  • Mohammad Fallahi-Sichani
  • David F. Kashatus
  • Jason Papin
  • Benjamin W. Purow
  • Shayna L. Showalter
  • P. Todd Stukenberg
  • David Wotton
  • Hui Zong

Other faculty honored included:

School of Medicine

Roger T. Anderson (Public Health Sciences)
Douglas A. Bayliss (Pharmacology)
Amy H. Bouton (Microbiology)
David L. Brautigan (Microbiology)
Marc D. Breton (Psychiatry)
Heather M. Bruschwein (Psychiatry)
Andrea H. Denton (Health Sciences Library)
Rebecca A. Dillingham (Infectious Diseases and International Health)
Andrew C. Dudley (Microbiology)
Jay W. Fox (Microbiology)
Eric R. Houpt (Infectious Disease, Molecular Physiology)
Karen C. Johnston (Neurology)
Sallie Ann Keller (Biocomplexity Institute)
Bradley W. Kesser (Otolaryngology)
Boris P. Kovatchev (Psychiatry)
Thomas P. Loughran (Internal Medicine )
Amy J. Mathers (Infectious Disease)
Coleen A. McNamara (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Craig H. Meyer (Biomedical Engineering)
Rachel Y. Moon (Pediatrics)
Shannon N. Moonah (Infectious Disease(
John P. Mugler III (Radiology)
Imre Noth (Pulmonary)
William A. Petri (Infectious Disease)
Maria S. Sequeira-Lopez (Pediatrics)
Jason P. Sheehan (Neuroscience)
Gloria M. Sheynkman (Molecular Physiology)
Swapnil Sonkusare (Molecular Physiology)
James Stone (Radiology)
Angela M. Taylor (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Christine Thisse (Cell Biology)
Rupa S. Valdez (Public Health Sciences)
Kenneth Walsh (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Karen M. Warburton (Nephrology)
Bradford B. Worrall (Neurology)
Zhen Yan (Cardiovascular Medicine)
Joanna S. Yost (Psychiatry)
Jochen Zimmer (Molecular Physiology)

School of Nursing

Jeanne L. Alheusen
Jessie S. Gibson

If you've been reading the blog, you'll recognize many of those names, and I share UVA President Jim Ryan's sentiments:

“This year’s awardees are an incredibly talented group of faculty who are working every day to advance the frontiers of knowledge and human progress," Ryan said. “I’m grateful for their efforts and excited about what’s next for research at UVA, across disciplines, schools and areas of study.”

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