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Dr. Jeffrey Elias Recognized as Modern Healthcare Innovator

Congratulations to our Dr. Jeffrey Elias for being recognized as one of Modern Healthcare's "Innovators" for 2024 in recognition of his pioneering work with focused ultrasound.

Modern Healthcare is an highly influential healthcare trade publication. Its annual Innovators Awards recognize leaders and organizations driving innovation that improves patient care, achieves measurable results and contributes to the clinical and financial goals of healthcare organizations.

“The role of innovation has always been paramount in healthcare, and our 2024 honorees as top Innovators are driving real change in the industry,” said Mary Ellen Podmolik, editor in chief of Modern Healthcare. “The wide variety of projects underway by these executives and organizations demonstrates a dedication to tackling the ‘what ifs’ that can improve the delivery of healthcare and improve communities and the patient experience.“

Dr. Elias' work with focused ultrasound captured the world's attention early on. His research helped pave the way for the federal Food and Drug Administration to approve the minimally invasive technology as a new treatment option both for essential tremor, a common movement disorder, and for Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Unlike traditional brain surgery, focused ultrasound needs no scalpels and requires no incisions. Instead, focused sound waves are beamed inside the brain to disrupt faulty brain circuits. As such, it offers appropriate patients a new, less-invasive treatment option to traditional open brain surgery.

Dr. Elias' success with the game-changing approach has helped spur research into the potential of the technology for many other medical applications, not just in the brain but throughout the body, such as at UVA Health’s own Focused Ultrasound Cancer Immunotherapy Center.

While expressing gratitude for the recognition from Modern Healthcare, Dr. Elias was eager to make clear that UVA's groundbreaking focused ultrasound work is very much a team effort.

"I am extremely honored to be recognized by Modern Healthcare, but the innovations with focused ultrasound that occurred at UVA were the results of a highly efficient and competent team working together for several years to produce a new medical procedure for our patients,” he said. “It is actually an incredible technology that reaches deep into the brain. without incisions or drilling, to create a life-changing intervention. This is only the beginning, as there are many investigations under way to deliver drugs for cancer or to manipulate the brain’s circuitry to ease pain or stop epilepsy.”

The profiles of Dr. Elias and the Modern Healthcare's other 2024 Innovators are featured in the April 8 issue of MH magazine and online at

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