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The Making of Medicine

Welcome to Our New NanoSTAR Director

Evan Scott, PhD, a leading researcher in the field of nanotechnology, will join UVA this summer as the new head of nanoSTAR, our Institute for Nanoscale Scientific and Technological Advanced Research.

Professor Scott comes to us from Northwestern University, where he has conducted groundbreaking research into the use of tiny nanostructures to deliver drugs and other therapeutics to boost the body’s immune response. His research provides important answers about the fundamental processes responsible for diseases and paves the way for high-tech treatments for conditions such as heart disease, cancer, glaucoma and more.

As the head of nanoSTAR, Professor Scott will play a pivotal role in coordinating nanotechnology research across Grounds, a position made all the more important by the upcoming launch of the Paul and Diane Manning Institute of Biotechnology, now under construction at our Fontaine Research Park. Nanotechnology and targeted drug delivery are two of the main pillars of the Manning Institute, which will be devoted to tackling some of the greatest challenges in medicine by focusing on cutting-edge areas of research.

Professor Scott is expected to start on Aug. 1. We welcome him to UVA!

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