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The Making of Medicine

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Gary K. Owens, PhD, consults with researcher Molly R. Kelly-Goss at a microscope.
The Arc of Science

Dr. Gary Owens and his team are providing us with new insights into atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries. It's amazing to see how new discovery begets new discovery.

An image of a bacterium stealing DNA.
Watch DNA Being Stolen, in Real Time

For the first time ever, we can actually see a bacterium steal a piece of DNA in real time. In the video you'll find at the link above, the bacterium Vibrio cholerae reaches out and grabs a free-floating piece of DNA so that it can stitch it into its genome.…

An illustration of human DNA
At-Home Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know

How is at-home genetic testing different than the genetic testing you'd get at a doctor's office? My colleague Leigh Critzer has written an informative post over at Healthy Balance, the UVA Health System's blog. Before you try to draw any conclusions about your health, make sure you check it out.…

J. Julius Zhu, PhD, developed a new technique that will let doctors better diagnose disease and predict patient outcomes.
We Can Predict the Severity of Your Genetic Disease

Our J. Julius Zhu, PhD, has found a way to predict the severity of genetic disease just by measuring mind-bogglingly small interactions between molecules. He and his team of international collaborators have developed a technique that lets them measure the effect gene mutations have on the molecules that cells use…