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The Making of Medicine

Tag: HPV

Anindya Duttta, PhD, holds his hands open wide while standing in a white lab coat in his lab.
HPV Discovery Opens Door to New Cancer Treatments

Anindya Dutta and his colleagues have identified a substance that is essential for the sexually transmitted virus to cause cancer. That discovery could lead to new treatments for HPV cancers.

M. Mitchell Smith (from left), Margaret Grant and Dean H. Kedes have used this microscope Smith built to reveal how a cancer-causing virus clings to our DNA.
We Made a Microscope (!) and Did Something Super Cool

This is one of my favorite stories: Our M. Mitchell Smith built an amazingly powerful microscope, piece by piece, and now he and collaborator Dean H. Kedes have used it to reveal how a cancer-causing virus attaches itself to our DNA. That knowledge could let scientists figure out how to…