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The Making of Medicine

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Ronald Turner, MD, has identified a correlation between the mix of bactiera that live in your nose and the severity of your cold symptoms.
Your Nose Inhabitants May Affect Your Cold Symptoms

Interesting new research from our Ronald Turner, MD, has found a correlation between the bacteria that live in your nose and the type and severity of the cold symptoms you develop. Looking at participants in our long-standing cold study, Dr. Turner and his colleagues identified six common mixes of nasal…

The microbiome is the collection of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, that naturally live inside us.
Autism Risk Determined by Health of Mom’s Gut

Our John Lukens, PhD, and his colleagues have revealed that the health of the mother's microbiome during pregnancy determines the risk of autism in her offspring. What's the microbiome? It's the collection of microscopic organisms that naturally live inside us, and it's proving increasingly vital to good health. The good…

Bill Petri
Antibiotics Make You Susceptible to Illness

Antibiotics are one of the most important items in the doctor's medical bag. They're vital for beating back potentially deadly infections. But they can also make you susceptible to disease, new research from our Bill Petri suggests. Petri and colleagues, including Koji Watanabe, found that antibiotic use interfered with an…