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The Making of Medicine

Author: Josh Barney (Page 58)

An Amazing Series of Discoveries

Jonathan Kipnis is on fire. First his lab discovered a previously unknown connection between the brain and the immune system, then his lab discovered that our immune system can influence our behavior, and now his lab has discovered powerful defenders of the brain that weren't thought to exist. He's pictured…

Leigh Grossman
Because Parents Demanded It

Dr. Leigh Grossman has a new book out for parents about daycare-acquired infections, and there's an interesting story behind it. She had written a popular book for physicians on the topic, but parents were so hungry for information that they started buying it online. The book clearly wasn't written for…

Trouble Getting Your Zzzzs?

SHUTi is a neat example of UVA research that has been commercialized and brought to market as a product designed to improve people's health and wellbeing. It's an interactive online program designed to help people with insomnia get better sleep. In short, it works by retraining people in healthy sleep…

George Bloom and David Brautigan
Distinguished Fellows

Congratulations to Dr. George Bloom (left), of the Departments of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, and Dr. David Brautigan, of the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology, for their selection as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. This fellowship recognizes outstanding efforts to advance the field…

Top Dollar for Top Talent

Kodi Ravichandran, PhD, has been awarded more than $8 million from the Belgian government in its efforts to attract the world's top scientific talent. He'll set up a second lab at Ghent University’s Vlaams Institute for Biotechnology even as he continues to operate his lab here at UVA. Dr. Ravichandran…

Don’t Miss This Great Read

One of our pathology folks went to great lengths to track down potentially exculpatory evidence from a murder 47 years ago. That evidence may show if Sherman Brown, now 69, has been wrongly imprisoned for a killing he didn't commit. I'm told that UVA is required to keep such evidence…