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The Making of Medicine

Author: Josh Barney (Page 59)

UVA School of Medicine
New Research Partnership (and Satellite Campus!)

Big news: The School of Medicine will open a satellite campus in Northern Virginia as part of a major research partnership with Inova Health System, officials announced today. UVA and Inova plan to collaborate on research, medical education and the recruitment of top-tier researchers, scientists and investigators. The new campus…

Changing How We Battle Disease

This year represents the silver anniversary of UVA's Beirne Carter Center for Immunology Research. For 25 years, the group has been working to better understand the role of the immune system in battling disease. In that time, the field of immunology has become one of the hottest areas of medical…

video post
Aaron Yao’s Crusade Against Cancer

This is Nengliang "Aaron" Yao, PhD. He's from China, originally, and is the first in his family to go to college. He's been researching cancer disparities in Appalachia, and he's come to the alarming conclusion that when it comes to cancer, the people in rural China have it better than…

When Research Becomes Something More

Dr. Bill Petri and his colleagues research malnutrition and undernutrition in the slums of Bangladesh, where people live in poverty we in the Western world can scarcely imagine. The researchers take young mothers and their children into the study and provide them with food and medical care. But after they…

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Deep in the bowels of UVA's Claude Moore Health Sciences Library is a treasure trove of medical history. In a secure facility on the very bottom floor are stored all sorts of astounding relics, from a lancet owned by UVA's first medical professor, Robley Dunglison, to the papers of UVA…

The Biggest Stories of the Last Five Years

I’ve been covering medical discoveries at UVA for about five years now. The two stories that have hit the biggest in the media have been focused ultrasound, which I told you about here, and Jonathan Kipnis’ discovery of a previously unknown connection between the brain and immune system. You’d think…