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The Making of Medicine

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A closeup of a microscope slide
What a Memory Looks Like Inside Your Brain

The NIH Director's Blog has a fascinating post show what a memory looks like stored inside the brain. I'll give you a link and tell you a little about the NIH director's connection to UVA.

Kimberly Kelly sits at a lab bench.
Big Backing for a Promising Cancer Drug

A promising cancer drug that's being developed based on a discovery by our Kimberly Kelly, PhD, is attracting major interest -- to the tune of $25 million.

Fern Hauck, MD, stands with arms crossed in a white lab coat. She holds her glasses.
SIDS: A Q&A With a Top Expert

"Parents should be informed about this and read up on [the] guidelines before they have their babies so they can be prepared to get cribs and other items they need. The main message is know the risks, know what you can do to reduce those risks and plan ahead."

This is an orange on a neutral background, sitting on top of a roll of paper towels.
If You Take Vitamins, Read This

A new study funded by the National Institutes of Health found no benefits to taking vitamin supplements and suggests we should be getting our vitamins the old-fashioned way: by eating healthy food.

A glass of orange juice on a white background. An orange slice is mounted on the rim of the glass. It looks tasty, though the large orange slice might interfere with drinking.
Is Juicing Good for You?

Is juicing good for you? Our Heather Ferris, MD, PhD, weighs in in this interesting article from BBC Future. (Link in article.)

A statue of Thomas Jefferson in front of the Rotunda at the University of Virginia.
Are We Really Living Longer?

The answer may surprise you. Check out this interesting article from BBC Future. Among the questions answered: Was 30 considered "old" in the Roman empire? What about 50? And how do we really know?