The Biggest Scientific Discoveries in Every State

July 10, 2017

Business Insider weighs in. You may have heard mention of the one from Virginia. Another nice recognition for great work from our Dr. Kipnis. Read More

Are Viruses Alive?

June 23, 2017

This is a freaky one. You sometimes hear that a virus will “die” without a host, or after a certain amount of time outside the body. But there’s no real consensus that viruses are alive in the first place.

Let’s… Read More

Choosing a Teaching Hospital Could Save Your Life

June 7, 2017

Interesting article in the New York Times on how teaching hospitals, such as ours, might save your life. “For every 83 elderly patients seen by a major teaching hospital, one more is alive 30 days after discharge than… Read More

Scientists Revive Microbes That are Both Ancient and Freaky

February 20, 2017

This is amazing. Scientists have reported successfully reviving life forms that have been trapped in crystal for at least 10,000 years and possibly up to 50,000 years. The microbes were discovered in giant crystals inside Mexico’s Naica mountain caves,… Read More

The Future of Genome Modification

January 27, 2017

Did you know that scientists have already genetically modified a type of mosquito to help reduce the spread of malaria? That tidbit’s from an interesting article on UVA Today about the future of genome editing. It’s a Q&A… Read More