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The Making of Medicine

Author: Josh Barney (Page 41)

Jeff Elias, MD, pioneered the use of focused ultrasound for treating the most common movement disorder.
Focused Ultrasound: A Big Day for UVA (and Medicine)

The federal Food and Drug Administration has approved focused ultrasound for the treatment of essential tremor, the most common movement disorder. This is a very big day for UVA, as our Dr. Jeff Elias shepherded the international clinical trial that led to the device's approval. Using this approach, doctors can…

Reducing the Threat of Radiation (and Terrorism)

Right now, there's no real treatment for radiation exposure. If you are exposed to a fatal dose and don't die right away, the best doctors can do is try to ease your suffering until you do die. That's scary to think about, especially in an age when terrorists are actively…

How a UVA HeRO is Saving Babies

This is cool: A device developed here at the UVA Health System is saving premature babies in hospitals across the country. Dr. Randall Moorman and his colleagues developed the HeRO Monitor to detect the onset of sepsis, a potentially deadly full-body infection, before it can take hold. The device monitors…

Paging Ponce De Leon

Gary Owens, PhD, the head of our Robert M. Berne Cardiovascular Research Center, and research scientist Olga Cherepanova may have found a "fountain of youth" gene that could help prevent heart attacks and stroke. This is the sort of complex science that takes a lot of heavy lifting to explain…

UVA Hospital
Healthy Balance

One of the things my department does is try to make it easy for folks to find information about the UVA Health System online. That’s quite a challenge, considering the tremendous volume of information and the huge number of people with stuff they want to share. For a long time,…

How to Decipher a Press Release

If you read enough of my releases on new research discoveries, you’ll notice they’re somewhat similar. That’s because I have an unofficial template. My goal with these is to make complex science accessible to laypeople and reporters alike. Reporters often have short attention spans and a lot of stuff competing…