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The Making of Medicine

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Transplant surgeon Kenneth Brayman sits in his lab.
A Potential Way to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes

Our Kenneth Brayman, MD, and his colleagues are hot on the trail of what they believe could be a way to prevent type 1 diabetes. The solution, they think, could be a concentrated form of a naturally occuring antibody called human immunoglobulin, or IgM.

A glass of orange juice on a white background. An orange slice is mounted on the rim of the glass. It looks tasty, though the large orange slice might interfere with drinking.
Is Juicing Good for You?

Is juicing good for you? Our Heather Ferris, MD, PhD, weighs in in this interesting article from BBC Future. (Link in article.)

Dan Cox, PhD, is testing a new approach to managing type 2 diabetes, one that doesn't require counting calories.
Managing Diabetes Without Dieting

If you develop type 2 diabetes, you're likely to be told to lose weight. That's the usual prescription, because losing those extra pounds can improve insulin sensitivity. But for some folks, including our Dan Cox, PhD, that can seem impossible. Dr. Cox knew it wasn't going to happen for him,…